Immersion is constantly seeking new and creative talent to bring a fresh perspective to the experience. Immersion is meant to highlight and give exposure to all artists participating. Interested artists need to submit a resume/CV, website and social media, a portfolio of past works, and an artist statement with a description of how their art could work in an immersive art space. Once applications are reviewed and selected by Immersion staff, the artist will be required to submit a proposal for their assigned room or area of the facility and an estimated materials cost. The artist’s concept can be conveyed through storyboards, written materials, examples, videos, etc. We have multiple rooms, bathrooms, doors, hall space, and a lobby that will be covered with interactive art.

Once the staff has accepted the artist’s concept and decisions made regarding the commencement of work, there will be an allotted amount of time for installation. Artists are encouraged to think broadly and globally; the intent is to challenge the visual experience and allow the experience to be unique and memorable

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