About Immersion

Immersion is an interactive, exploratory art space that seeks to draw on all five senses of the participant. Immersion utilizes a holistic approach to the art experience. Unlike a traditional gallery, which focuses on visual art only, Immersion is a setting that draws upon other senses such as touch, hearing, smell and occasionally taste. Immersion is an interactive installation art space enabling viewers the opportunity to interact with, and become a part of, the artwork. Typical viewers utilize the artists installation and create his/her own experience based on the provided stimuli.

The Immersion artist creates a three-dimensional atmosphere that is unmatched and is a unique experience for the individual, drawing upon each individual’s unique reflection and past experiences. While the space is a repository for an artist’s creativity, the environment demands that the viewer become a participant in the experience, utilizing their own innate talents and gifts. The immersion artist nudges and urges the participant become connected to the space and seeks to involve the individual with their entire being. Non-passive, participatory experiences are the hallmark of Immersion and individuals who have experienced the space yearn for another visit to discover what new and innovative artists have envisioned for them as a part of it’s revolving body of work.

Immersion is a colony of artists who bring their own unique talents to a particular space and allow the participant the opportunity for a holistic artistic experience. Artists constantly revolve through the 12 spaces that put together Immersion yet are united in their belief that art is something that should be experienced and not just viewed as a two-dimensional experience. The artists are dedicated to the totality of the art experience for the participant.

Immersion is constantly seeking new and creative talent to bring a fresh perspective to the experience. Immersion is meant to highlight and give exposure to all artists participating. Interested artists need to submit a resume/CV, website and social media, a portfolio of past works, and an artist statement with a description of how their art could work in an immersive art space. Once applications are reviewed and selected by Immersion staff, the artist will be required to submit a proposal for their assigned room or area of the facility and an estimated materials cost. The artist’s concept can be conveyed through storyboards, written materials, examples, videos, etc. We have multiple rooms, bathrooms, doors, hall space, and a lobby that will be covered with interactive art.

Once the staff has accepted the artist’s concept and decisions made regarding the commencement of work, there will be an allotted amount of time for installation. Artists are encouraged to think broadly and globally; the intent is to challenge the visual experience and allow the experience to be unique and memorable